About Me

I am dedicated Software and web developer worked in Web and Software industry for more than 10 years in Australia. I get across to people and adjust to changes with ease. I believe that a person should work on developing their professional skills and learning new things all the time.

I have developed many big and complex web softwares with many custom features. I have experience in PHP, Python, frontend technologies such as ReactJs, NodeJS and AngularJS. I have developed many custom python-django based web apps such as POS system, School planning and tracking software, superannuation CRM, simple CRM and eCommerce system which I link with WordPress sites to sync between products and sales.

I have worked on many custom eCommerce websites with complex features and I can create any web application with any features efficiently and logical way.  I have attached my resume with some of the websites lists. Apart from the technical skills, I am a quick learner and very flexible. In addition to all skills I also offer advanced communication skills. Moreover, I enjoy taking challenges and working within team. Intellectually stimulating work environment at your organization, with the blend of technical and soft skills, I will be able to tap my full potential and contribute to the uttermost.